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MAINTZ - Your completion work task solution

Reception user adds job to the website
  • Location
  • Description
Staff gets a notification on their App
  • View Job Details
  • Accept Job
  • Mark Job as Complete
Reception User gets the access of added.
  • Photos, Audios, Videos, Notes
  • Track staff locations
  • Staff productivity
  • Automated Pdf reports
    on each completed task
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How It Works
Some Text about us
about us

Here at Maintz, we believe in keeping things simply. We noticed a lot of the other guys making life very complicated, with lots of unnecessary and confusing “features”.

We just keep it simple! Load your job, your team receive a notification of an available job, they can accept or decline, if accepted, they can do the job, load pics, video, audio and notes and ping it back instantly, all via our super duper app! Simples!

You can track each user via gps, see their entire job history, time spent on jobs etc.

We have a host of different sectors using our system, from hotels, to factories, to large family homes!

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